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About the Blog

Dear Memoirs,

Hello! Welcome to my blog! Dear Memoirs is home to my personal thoughts, some personal stories, a few writerly creations, and perhaps a photograph or two. The Journal is where you’ll find what’s going on in my life, my views on life, and announcements. The Newspaper is where creativity flows. It houses short stories, poems, photos, updates on my current WIP, The Road Divided, writing dares… name any writing thing you can think of, and you’ll probably find it in the Newspaper. So go grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and have fun cruising my memoirs!


About The Journalist

Hello! I am a writer, photographer, and wannabe interior designer. If you couldn’t tell, artsy things are my passion, a way of expressing myself. One of my latest writing projects is on a book duology (trilogy maybe? hopefully?) titled “The Road Divided,” about a girl struggling through life in a world turned upside down. I plan on posting either short snippets from this (I’m a little scared to do this guys, but I might just do it) or updates on how it’s going. Because of my love for writing, I have created several blogs throughout the years, some more successful than others. But I never had one where I could share my personal thoughts on things, while sharing my writing and incorporating my photography in as well. That’s when Dear Memoirs was born into existence! I hope that this new experience goes well, and that you all enjoy what I have to share here!


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