Dear Memoirs,

I sort of went MIA there for a bit, didn’t I? Well, the truth of the matter is my summer has been very busy lately. The good news is I have returned! The bad news…I’m leaving again for a short bit.

I know, I know, why would I return just to leave again? But it’s July 1st and all Nanoers know what that means: Camp July!

Camp July has got to be one of my absolute favorite times of the year. It was the first time I finished a lengthy story (Road Divided: Beginnings of Endings). It was when I met and became friends with three amazing bloggers. It was the first time I did a NaNoWriMo event.

This year, my WIP is a story titled, The Line (working title).

The story is about a girl who lost her mother to trench fever and whose father is a retired WWII soldier struggling to find work after years of fighting while raising seven children without a mother. The story (which I’m writing in first person, a point of view I rarely write in) follows the girl’s outlook on life almost like a diary, and relates her personal experiences in postwar America (experiences which may or may not include a stone wall as pictured in the story aesthetic above XD).

But as with many good news, there is also some bad news that comes with it. With all the writing I am going to be doing in July, I won’t have much time to spend on blogging. So unfortunately, I will have to say adieu for a short time to my lovely readers here on my blog. 😦

But don’t worry! I will be back, I promise you!

Speaking of coming back, I’m giving you a little peek to one post I will do either during or after my hiatus. You see, I’m in a little dilemma right now.

Here’s the thing: I have been tagged to do the Liebster Award!

By three different bloggers. With three different lists of 11 questions. XD

Duhn duhn duhn! I will have more for you on that next time! Meanwhile… happy blogging, happy writing, and most importantly, happy Camp July!!


2 thoughts on “July!

    1. Haha loll! I will, don’t worry XD I better come back, after how long I’ve been gone on here 😛 And thank you!! Honestly, this is the first time this has happened to me, so…? It’s weird, because I feel special knowing that THREE people tagged me, but then I’m like “that’s 33 questions to answer!” XD But I think I’ve found a solution, so yay! 🙂 It makes you wonder who the first person was who tagged me for it though…. XD XD

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